Adventures with the Austin Fishing Team

Whenever I am out on Lady Bird Lake, dangling a pole in the water, or inflating the kayak before a long day of cooking in the sun and reeling in bass, there is always someone who comes up to me and asks, with a look of total amazement, “There are fish here?”

The Austin Fishing Team knows that there are fish everywhere. We have been exploring the ponds, creeks, and lakes of the Austin, TX area every week. We know which creeks have what fish. We know which Texas state parks have water this time of year.

And we would like to share our experiences with you.

Albino bluegill on beadhead prince nymph

Fishing Bull Creek

Most people know Bull Creek as the Austin park that’s constantly getting closed to swimming because of dangerous levels of fecal bacteria. But for those of us with fly rods and a penchant for urban assault fishing, it’s a collection…

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