Food Frakker

Frozen Coconut Banana Leaves Cake

Sometimes you have a serious sweet tooth late at night and you go to the freezer to find the makings of whatever dessert had previously been too much of a hassle for you to bother with previously.

My freezer just happened to have some frozen banana-slash-rice-pudding with a secret core of red beans and wrapped in coconut leaves tied like little sweet packages. These had been sitting in my freezer for as long as a year because I kept putting off the hassle of interpreting the Thai, or perhaps Chinese, packaging and determining if they would be better steamed or microwaved.

It didn’t satisfy my sweet cravings the same way as a Cadbury Egg, but not bad all the same.

There’s still two left. They’ll probably be in the freezer for another year.

Food Frakker

Giant marshmallow

I bought this bag of giant marshmallows from the supermarket. Because they were, you know, giant. But there was a value added aspect to them as well. Some of the marshmallows were strawberry flavored, and some were vanilla. Keeping in mind that actual strawberries taste like artificial strawberry flavoring the same way that actual cats look like Hello Kitty.

The giant bag of giant marshmallows took a place of honor on the counter of the office kitchen, and was devoured completely within days. I would estimate that I ate no more than 45% of the bag.

They appeared to be from a Mexican food producer, putting a lie to the myth that North Americans are the ones eating all the marshmallows. And certainly the North American varieties rarely have flavoring, a giant missed opportunity in my book.

When looking at this picture, keep in mind that my hands are quite large.