The Best Summer Ever™ of Austin

A few years ago, my cousin Kelly put together a list of summer events which she called the Best Summer Ever. This list was optimized for Minneapolis, but it got me thinking that there ought to be a list for Austin. After the summer we had last year, we need a palate-cleanser summer, a summer of fun and indulgence, and most importantly, heat-coping behaviors.

And when I told my friend AwesomeJoolie about the Best Summer Ever™ project, she suggested that it needed to be a contest. So I added points. And I’ve promised prizes. Here’s the complete list of activities:

  • Frozen yogurt – 10pt
  • Neighborhood pool – 10pt
  • Splash pads – 5pt
  • Secret beach – 5pt
  • Snorkeling – 10pt
  • Barton springs – 10pt
  • Barking springs – 10pt
  • Play hooky – 15pt
  • Frozen margaritas on a Tex Mex patio – 10pt
  • Iced drink and a dog on a coffee shop patio – 5pt
  • Boating – 5pt
  • Paramount summer film series – 5pt
  • A stupid blockbuster in the theater – 5pt
  • Fruit served loca style – 10pt
  • Baseball game – 5pt
  • Fireworks – 5pt
  • Tubing – 15pt
  • Party large on a party barge – 15pt
  • Micheladas – 5pt
  • Beach fishing trip – 20pt
  • Congress Ave. bats – 5pt
  • Bracken Cave bats – 15pt
  • Purple martin roost – 10pt

And there’s a couple of stretch goals to rack up extra points:

  • Single weekend swarm hat-trick (both bat swarms and purple martins) – 20pt
  • Check off every activity on the list – 50pt

Now it’s been pointed out to me that many of these items seem biased toward me personally, which is fair because I wrote the list initially to make sure that I personally had a fun summer. However, and I cannot stress this enough, I am not in the lead with points currently. And I probably won’t win the summer.

Want to have the Best Summer Ever™? Want to compete for fabulous prizes? (the prizes are yet to be determined, but they will almost certainly have zero cash value)

Download a printable PDF of the list and the scoring. If you want to be entered into the contest, you will need to post to Instagram, using the hashtag #bestsummereveratx. Tally up your scores on Labor Day, and may the best summer win!

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