Circle and Almost Circle


So Circle and Almost Circle Walk into a Bar…

Because I like you, I’m not going to make you sit through a different post for every one of these comics. For some reason, I went down to the photocopy shop, and ran off a bunch of actual sheets of paper and inked in different dialogue for each template. Even at the time it would have been easier to use a digital alternative. And why the kangaroo? Because every joke needs a kangaroo if you ask me.


Circle and Almost Circle #17

And so, by inserting Circle into the myths of Sisyphus,Tantalus, and Ixion, I have completely used up any shred of humor that one could possibly glean from the concept of ‘circle.’

Now, stay tuned for more Circle and Almost Circle comics that are so devoid of humor that they’re essentially anti-humor. It’s eleven variations on the ‘joke’ that starts with “So Circle and Almost Circle walk into a bar . . .”


Circle and Almost Circle #16

I’m not certain if Circle is venturing into the underworld in an Orpheistic quest to find peace for his suffocated love, or if it’s just an extension of my classical obsessions at the time. There wasn’t enough space in the CAC panels to do actual plot exposition. Plus I was working to deconstruct that whole rational narrative thing. Because I thought nonsense was fun.


Circle and Almost Circle #15

Here we come back to Heraclitus, since I was pretty obsessed with that at the time. Is the last line a pun on “Hiroshima Mon Amour?” I guess not. I think in my mind, at the time of drawing this, it made sense.


Circle and Almost Circle #13

This is my favorite episode in this series. Circle hasn’t been present for a while, I’d been focusing on the imperfections of Almost Circle, forgetting that the perfection of Circle can be almost as tragic. Also, it makes one wonder what happened to that turtle from earlier.