A Couple of Big Bass

I was biking through South Austin this evening and I noticed that some of the red buds had started to bloom already. As a fisherguy that of course made me think about a year ago, near the end of the white bass run when I finally managed to get myself into some white bass fishing. Okay, it was only one white bass. Nevertheless, to prevent anyone from finding out where I was during this particular fishing victory, I have obscured all of the identifying details of the location.
white and largemouth bass
There was a regular old bass too, of reasonable size. The two of them together made for a most gratifying pile of filets, which I fried up as soon as I got home.
whitebass and largemouth

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Big Bass

  • Hi Mathew,
    My wife and I flew into Austin via San Antonio on Thurs. for a wedding that was yesterday. I’m sorry that I didn’t pack a small fly rod. We were out walking on Lady Bird Lake yesterday and it looked great! I’ve wanted to catch some of those Texas Cichlids for years. I’ve fly fished for almost 60 years and tied flies for 50+. I’ve developed some unique methods to create very professional and effective poppers and “bugs” that I am working on a book about. I only now came across your website–too bad. We’re flying out from San Antonio to Washington State on Tues.

    Tight lines, Marc

    • It might be a little early in the season for the really good cichlid action, they really seem to light up when they’re brooding, about a month from now. But I’ve definitely seen them active in the creeks leading into Lady Bird the past few days. Too bad you don’t have your fly rod with you! There’s some fun small water fishing on Waller and Shoal creek.

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