Julia, my food frakking deputy, and I are big fans of the alambre plate at Taqueria Jaliscienses. It’s essentially what the Pizza Hut meat lover’s pizza would have been if those cowards had just had the guts to remove everything that wasn’t meat. It’s normally a steaming pile of fajita meat with bacon and sausage mixed in.

So it was with sheer delight that we discovered that we had all of the ingredients on hand to make alambre, which is to say that we had a bunch of meat and I was perfectly happy to fry it all up in a pile and then eat it with tortillas. What went into the frying pan was some pork ribs (de-boned of course), pepperoni, peppers, onions, bacon (as vital an ingredient as anything), and to top it all off, to give it that truly over-the-top meaty taste which is the hallmark of alambre, I added slices from sliced bologna sandwich meat I had bought at Walmart for 59 cents.

Draining the finished product on a paper towel proved truly vital.