Conceptual Conceptual Art

Conceptual-conceptual art. 2000

Conceptual art frees the artist from the tangible constraints of commodity. In fact it frees the artist from even having to create art at all. It’s all in the concept, you see? As long as someone believes you did it, the art exists.

And as far as you know, it does.

Force-feeding Trix Cereal to Rabbits. 2000

Matthew Bey
What sort of a monster would do that?!?
Force-Feeding Trix Cereal to Rabbits

Cranes. 2000

Adam Briska, Colin Holden
Passing children are horrified as the graceful origami cranes burn. Destruction is art.
CranesBurning Origami Cranes at Exhibition

Art Designed to Look Like Trash and Displayed as Litter. 2001

Matthew Bey
All boundaries between art and the mundane have been deconstructed . . . yadda, yadda, yadda.
Art Displayed as Common Litter

Throwing Blood on Pedestrians Wearing Nylon. 2000

Guicci Weiderhosen
Social commentator and nylon-rights activist Guicci Weiderhosen makes another monster cry.
Throwing Blood on Pedestrians Wearing Nylon

Special Project. 2000

Colin Holden
Visitors to the exhibit were given toys, tools, and encouragement to have the two interact.

Ulysses al Dente. 2000

Ben Warner
Artist Ben Warner copies James Joyce’s Ulysses, shaping the letters with strands of wet noodles.
James Joyce Written in Noodles

Self. 2000

Adam Briska
Conceptual artist and exhibitionist Adam Briska displays his love of recursion
Self Portrait of Adam Briska

Karate Chopping One Million Saltine Crackers. 2000-Ongoing

Matthew Bey
The crumbs from one million saltine crackers would completely fill twenty semi-truck trailers!
Karate Chopping Saltine Crackers