Dave Steele MD, field proctologist

Dave Steele MD

I always liked those daily serialized comics, didn’t you? Pity we don’t have a newspaper industry anymore to support them. This was another comic I put together with actual honest-to-gosh pen and ink while working for the Texas Rawhide. I had an old Flash Gordon comic book that I cribbed to get that black-on-white retro

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indefinite detention cartoon

Indefinite Detention Cartoon

This came from a period when I was experimenting with the gag cartoon format, trying to find a style that I could whip together quickly. This would have been more topical if I could have produced and published it while America still cared about indefinite detention.

Pizza Robots #5

Pizza Robots #5

Here we are, episode five, the final installment of the Pizza Robots saga (unless there’s a huge outpouring of people caring, which I don’t anticipate), where we discover the whole point of the previous episodes, and sketch out the outline of a future narrative that will never be. Is this sexist? You tell me.

pizza robots 4

Pizza Robots #4

This is pretty much a narratively interstitial episode where the Pizza Robots comment on the only thing in their universe. I had in my mind that the pizza cruiser was an ordinary pizza delivery vehicle, but super-large. But looking at it now, it looks more like the delivery car is about actual size, and the

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pizza robots #3

Pizza Robots #3

After two episodes of tedious world-building we finally get some of that robot on food-mutant violence that we’ve been waiting for. Now that we have a better view of the pizza robots themselves, we can see the outlines of the characters they will probably never become. You can differentiate them by the differing robot-antenna design

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pizza robots #2

Pizza Robots #2

So remember how the Circle and Almost Circle comics took a dumb premise and ran with it? That’s kinda what’s going on here. That’s why there’s not only were-fries, but were-curly-fries too. A couple of points about this that bear mentioning. You will notice that the landscape is identical to that from Circle and Almost

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pizza robots #1

Pizza Robots #1

I’m not sure why I originally thought this would be a good idea. Perhaps I had some inclination that this would be a great idea for a syndicated cartoon for teens, because if there’s two things that teens like, it’s pizza and robots, so putting the two of them together ought to be an awesome

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