I went to Worldcon in Reno (aka the strangely googlable ‘Renovation’) a little more than a month ago. So it’s time to write the obligatory con blog.

This was my first Worldcon, and I was a little disappointed in how familiar it was. It was your standard con. Just a lot bigger.

I did however get some photos to help convey the experience to you.

The convention center was selling hotdogs!

It was your standard 1/4 pound pork dog. The bun could have been fresher, but there were plenty of condiment packets.

And of course it wouldn’t be a con without the props and dressings of a more glamorous fantasy world.

No, wait, that’s not with the con, that’s the casino chapel.

The big surprise though was the table of fanzines. Who would have known that people still did that?