bourbon penn issue 2

I don’t think I mentioned yet that my story “Scenes from Monster Beach” is available at Bourbon Penn. You can read it for free at the Bourbon Penn website, or you can buy the very affordable paper version which you can see pictured. bourbon penn issue 2

Partially it’s taken this long for me to report about this publication because I was hoping to actually read the other stories in the issue and talk about them too. I read the first issue of Bourbon Penn and I was mightily impressed. But I just haven’t had time to do any reading, because I’m a lame nine-to-fiver now, so I’ll only talk about my story.
Scenes from Monster Beach in Bourbon Penn

“Scenes from Monster Beach” had its origins in a series of notebook scribbles I recorded while camping at Padre Island National Seashore. I sat there on the beach, a Midwesterner overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the ocean and all the nature that surrounded it.

It’s hard to see oil rigs standing on their metal legs in the misty-blue distance and not think of the reptilian giants that might lumber out of the depths to meet them.

I’m glad that this story found a home at Bourbon Penn. It’s Austin-based and part of the growing bizarro fic movement, so you should definitely support it.