An Unofficial Public Google Calendar for Texas Hunters

If you’re like me, sometime during mid November or late December you lose track of exactly which animals you can legally take a shot at. There’s the duck season that might be going on, or maybe we’re between the split? Or is it okay to shoot at that rail that just flushed, or is that season over already? And of course the woodcock season makes no sense, beginning and ending in the middle of a week with no regard for your vague plans to drive to East Texas for an end-of-season weekend timberdoodle getaway.

So usually what I do is I make a Google Calendar with all the Central Texsa hunting seasons on it! And since I went to that work, I figure might as well make it public to save other folks some time.

You can visit it on the web by clicking here. Sorry, I have nicer colors for the private version. You can add the calendar to all the other Google Calendars you’re using (my personal favorite is the North Korean public holiday calendar) by clicking the “plus” link in the lower right.

The calendar looks like this:

Here’s some caveats and warnings. First, this calendar is tailored to me. Since I’m in Austin, I usually don’t need to worry about the special white winged dove regs, because I’m never going to drive that far to hunt dove (I do have chachalaca and pheasant on there, because deep down inside I believe I will someday make those drives). There are also animals which I won’t have the opportunity to hunt, like gator and turkey. TPWD may also make changes to the seasons between now and the actual date which I may miss. And finally, I may have made some mistakes on the calendar, you never know, this stuff is confusing.

So basically, use the TPWD site, or the app, or the paper regulation booklet as your ultimate source.

Happy hunting! Leave me comments here if you want changes to the calendar or have other issues. If you want me to share the calendar with you directly, send me your Google account email through the contact form (it’s better security to send total strangers your email through a private channel!).