Sonic Dogs

Sonic has been touting its hotdogs recently. They’ve got about six different varieties. When I tried them out, I had the Chicago dog and I believe a coney chili dog, which was like a normal chili dog but with extra fried bits on top.
sonic dogs
Now, if you’re going to put the name “Chicago” on a dog you need to have a damn good dog. Considering that the buns for both dogs were stale and chewy, I don’t think they’ve yet earned that name.

Shame on you, Sonic. Shame.


Austin hotdog roundup: Third Base mini corndogs

On rarely finds an opportunity to use the word “adorable” when talking about tube steak. Yet that is what comes to mind just before one devours the deep-fried nuggets that are Third Base’s mini corndogs. Why did we need those sticks in the first place, one wonders?
third base austin mini corndog
When the Jetson’s promised us that we could get all our nutrition in pill form, I’m sure they had pills like this in mind. Hot, dip-able, meat-pills.
meat pills