Pictures of Big Bend

Here’s some pictures I took while visiting Big Bend last month. People keep telling me that Big Bend is beautiful. I dunno. I guess there are uglier places in America, particularly if you count a lot of the urban areas like Dallas.

Here for instance is the Rio Grande as seen from the road between Lajitas and Presidio. I somehow angled the camera so that the image looks sideways no matter what the orientation.
Rio Grande Canyon
By the way, Presidio? Not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Here’s a picture of some mountains, taken during the ten minutes in which Texas is beautiful. And when I say “mountains” I really mean what passes for mountains in Texas: big piles of naked dirt. Considering this is Terlingua, they may actually be tailings from a mercury mine.

The place where we stayed had a lot of debris just lying around.

Here’s some piles of rock:

But I did get some relaxation in.