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cool stuff

Futuristic Dome Habitats Today

If you’ve gone up I-35 between Austin and Dallas, you’ve probably seen the giant concrete dome caterpillar at the same exit that has the concrete dome starship-shaped gift shop.
dome caterpillar I-35

I looked it up. It’s a group called Monolithic that makes buildings by schmearing concrete over giant balloons.

As you might imagine, their website claims that their particular method of construction not only makes boob-shaped buildings, but solves all of our problems with the environment. One of their products is a “grow-dome.” They allege that there is nothing quite as efficient and good for the earth as growing crops with a layer of concrete between the plants and the sun. Normally indoor crops are only efficient at keeping the cops from noticing.

cool stuff

Pinballz: fun, plus a salacious name

Just when you thought that the institution of the arcade was dead, swallowed by home gaming systems and slightly upsetting subcultures, along comes Pinballz Arcade. Located along Research BLVD, this two-story arcade boasts over 80 pinball games. And certainly they have every pinball game I ever loved.
pinballz arcade
Including this rare heads-up video display pinball game. Which is cool despite having a Phantom Menace theme.

Yeah, there’s still a place for analog in the digital age.