Campbell Award
I have begun a campaign to become the least deserving Campbell Award winner in history. There's more info here.

Game Writing
A game module for Neverwinter Nights, for those who are interested.

Cheesy Rider
A year after I graduated college, I took a motorcycle trip around the country. I compiled my journal of that time into a book called, inexplicably enough Cheesy Rider. Here is it is as a giant PDF file. As all first books are, this is a flawed work. But it's the story of a young man going through adversity and adventure, and learning hard lessons about life. Read it or not, at your leisure.

Please visit my Amazon author page, for more Matthew Bey products, which you can buy.

Fiction Sales:
"Hometown Horrible: The Legacy of a Wisconsin Writer Revisited" - Pseudopod 2009
This is an audio podcast with an excellent performance by Elie Hirschman. I released the meta-story ideas of Hometown Horrible into the public domain, creating the Helmut Finch Mythos.

"The Secret of Pogopolis" - Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2010
This is my foray into the hip new sub-genre of new weird. There's a city that has been bouncing forever and a populace that is constantly rattled and shaken inside.

"Snuggle the Dead" - Drabblecast B-Sides 2010
Almost universally acclaimed as one of my more disturbing stories, produced for audio by the superbly talented Norm Sherman. Another story written in the style of a non-fiction artice."

"Murder at Doty Station" Black Gate Magazine 2009
This is a spinoff story to my unpublished novel. Like the novel, it takes place in the Patchwork Kingdom, but twenty years earlier.

"The Gaping Corpse" - Black Ink Horror #5 2009
This story was heavily influenced by the works of Joe R. Lansdale. It tries to re-imagine the vampire myth in the most upsetting manner possible. It's the third in my series of stories playing with voice (it's in second person imperative).

"Beneath the Red City" - Innsmouth Free Press 2009
This was conceived as a grand unified field theory of paranoid conspiracies, a natural outcome of listening to too much Art Bell late at night. It's also part of the obligatory fooling around with voice series (second person present tense). You should keep in mind while reading this that the apartment building described here is very much like a place I used to live in.

"Eggs" and "Train Dreams" on Drabblecast 2008
"Eggs" is part of my parasite cycle, a series of stories touched off by the existential horror of my cat's tapeworm infestation. The latter story was inspired by the sounds of distant trains as I lay in bed.

"Prey Play" - The Fifth Di... 2009
This story started as a dream. In the dream, hyenas were driving around a savanna in a jeep, hanging off the sides and whooping it up as they ran down antelope. Meanwhile, a couple of lions watched from a nearby bluff, bemused by the excesses of youth. This is no longer available on the "Fith Di..." site, but you might still find a cached version somewhere. If you're lucky.

"The Call of the Bailiff" - The Book of Tentacles 2009
A story that parodies the horrible Sean Penn vehicle I am Sam. Only with more ancient ones.

"Windigo Farm" on Dred Tales 2008
This is part of my "Monsters Attack" series, a trio of short stories that are just monsters threatening to kill the protagonist.

"Gimpbomb Enters Room" and "A Natural History of the Pancake Badger" on The Town Drunk 2008/2009
"Gimpbomb" is credited by some as being my funniest story. Like everyone else I've spent a little time in the chatrooms. "Pancake Badger" hails from the "Monster Attacks" series. It's one of my few sci-fi sales and involves Catholic schoolgirls and the city of Beloit.

"Pioneers and Indians" on Fusion Fragment 2008
Another of my rare sci-fi sales, this is part of my "People's War" series, a near future of intense social and environmental change.

"Anasazi-35" on Fusion Fragment 2009
You can think of this as a sequel to "Pioneers and Indians." It features a return of Sunset MacClaine, one of my favorite characters. This story explores a hypothetical spime economy and the effectiveness of consensus government in a crisis situation.

"Race to the Noonie" -- Tales from the Secret City 2007
Published in an anthology of devoted to the Cryptopolis writing group. This story was specifically and unanimously requested by my writing group colleagues who could have published any short work of mine they wanted. It takes place in the world of my unpublished novel "Patchwork Kingdom," and recounts a journey to discover the opposite side of the world.

"Deadtown Taxi" Undead 3: Flesh Feast 2007
This story recounts the six months I worked as a cabbie, and describes what it would have been like had I also been a zombie.

"Boules and Beasties" Aiofe's Kiss, Anniversary Issue 2005
This is a story that recounts my days as a night baker. Aliens show up, but that's not all that different from the sorts of things that actually did happen on the night shift.

"The Monster at Baggage Carousel #3" Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #20 2005, reprinted Jersey Devil Press 2011
I'm not sure what the inspiration for this was. There's a girlfriend who turns into a monster, which has no basis in reality whatsoever.

"Waldo in Space" Martian Wave 2004, reprinted in Wondrous Web Worlds anthology 2005
This story answers the question, what if you could have trailer parks in space?

"The Last Dinner at the Rawhide Steakhouse" 2004
A man has dinner with his wife and then the world ends.

"The Elves Hate You" Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #12 2004, reprinted in The Best of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine: Horror 2007, performed for audio podcast by Drabblecast B-sides
I wrote this story after a year of intense writing and intense rejection. All that frustration went into this little gem that tells the story of two genre favorites getting into a rumble over a poofy shirt.

"Phlegmatic Planet" 2004
This is the first thing I wrote that actually made its way into print. It details a mode of transportation that I have used many times with two people and one bicycle.

Austin Rawhide Satirical Content and Cartoons 1998-1999
It was fun to be a part of the Austin Rawhide newspaper. It was a good group of people. Until that point I hadn't thought I could actually write things that could make people laugh.

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