So there we all were, back in the early days of the 21st century, in Wisconsin, in the winter. It was freezing cold and darker than a closet-full of goths. I was throwing a homebrew party just about every other month, and while we were stuffed to the gills with an unlimited supply of ginger-mead, we thought, why not start an avant-garde art collective?

Conceptual-conceptual art. 2000

Conceptual art frees the artist from the tangible constraints of commodity. In fact it frees the artist from even having to create art at all. It's all in the concept, you see? As long as someone believes you did it, the art exists.

And as far as you know, it does.

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Moving Day Project. 2000

In Madison, all the leases run out on August 15th. For an entire week the trash piles up high in the student ghetto.

A perfect environment for late-night guerilla sculpture.

Moving Day Project. 2005

Five years later, Project Emu has an encore project. Art and culture as we know it remains oblivious.

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