How to fly in a vintage Volkswagen vanagon

How to fly in a vintage Volkswagen vanagon

Install both afterburners in the vanagon’s cargo area, stretching the control cables to the driver’s seat. When you depress the red button, you will engage liftoff and fly for the duration. Keep safety gear on throughout.

We found that as long as you had fuel and your hands clasped firmly on the wheel, nothing caught on fire and no-one ended up hurt. But there’s no guarantee, and we hope you fly all the way to your dreams.

Explanations for German-Engineered Auto-Aeronautics

At the last meetup at the track, we worked through the last technical details on the flying Vanagon project. Both Steve and Jim put in a lot of work, and suffered some serious burns, so any successes we’ve had, we can only thank them. I’d also like to thank the spirit of innovation and exploration which has lead us forward from day one.